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Program Highlights

Presentations for Las Vegas High School Students @ MESA Event

July 30, 2015

Laboratory tour and presentations on materials science and solar cells development was carried out at New Mexico Highlands University for students from Las Vegas high schools. The presentation explained to local students why solar energy is an important source of renewable energy in New Mexico and how materials studies can impact solar cells development.

Organic Nanostructures for Photothermal Ablation of Cancer

October 20, 2014

Texas State University team members have developed conductive-polymer based nanostructures that can be used as probes for photothermal ablation of cancer. These agents can induce cell ablation through the conversion of photoenergy into heat, and can therefore be used for laser-induced localized anti-cancer therapy

Photochemical Strategies for the Synthesis of Nanomaterials

October 1, 2014
  • Group 11 metal nanoparticles (Au Ag and Cu NPs), bimetallic (AuAg core-shell and alloys NPs with varying composition) and anisotropic nanoparticles (Au nanorods of various aspect ratio) have been prepared using photochemically generated ketyl radicals.
  • The system was also successfully applied to the production of ZnS, CdS quantum dots and ansitropic ZnS nanoparticles.

J. Mater. Chem. A, 2014, 2 (41), 17574 – 17585.

DíasNano 2014 en el Mall

August 4, 2014

On April 5, 2014 Wi(PR)2EM and the Science on Wheels Educational Center (SONW) organized and coordinated the NanoDays event at the Mayagüez Mall that we called in Spanish DíasNano 2014.  The Mayagüez Mall is the main shopping mall in western Puerto Rico.  This large event was a collaboration between Wi(PR)2EM and SONW with the participation of students from the NSF funded Nanotechnology Center for Biomedical and Energy-Driven Systems and Applications (CREST)

Nanotechnology Spin a Prize Game Show to for K12 Participants

August 1, 2014
NSF-JSU-UCSB PREM member conducted outreach activities at high school and initiate a Science Line program to help local science students in their mission of enhancing scientific literacy to wider audiences

Hybrid Graphene Oxide Can Capture and Identify Rare Cell Selectively

August 1, 2014
Cancer is known for more than three thousand years, but till in 21st century, it  causes 1 in 8 deaths worldwide.

Center on Interfaces in Materials. A Partnership with the Research Triangle MRSEC 2013 PREM Academy for High School Teachers

May 5, 2014

The PREM Academy is a teacher/PREM researcher workshop - Goals:

  • Address critical deficiencies in experiential learning through hands-on laboratory exercises with PREM faculty
  • 40 hour training program
  • Expose local educators to current materials research
  • Introduce Project Based Instruction to enhance greater inquiry and depth
  • Collaborative development of freely available activities for the classroom
  • Training in Legacy Cycle to comply with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards

Center on Interfaces in Materials. A Partnership with the Research Triangle MRSEC Texas PREM Network

May 5, 2014

Purpose of the Texas PREM Network:
Share best practices for recruitment and retention of underrepresnted groups
Provide a forum for student presenters
Create a larger PREM identity

Novel Family of Chiral-Based Topological Insulators: Elemental Tellurium under Strain

June 14, 2013

First-principles prediction that elemental Tellurium undergoes a trivial insulator to strong topological insulator (metal) transition under shear (hydrostatic or uniaxial) strain.

Prediction of Carrier Mobility in Disordered Semiconductors for Organic Photovoltaics

June 13, 2013

The first-principles calculation is based on the phonon-assisted charge transfer model. The ionic vibration brings the two electronic states closer whereby the charge carriers hop from one state to another with a transition rate. The charge transport mechanism is phonon-assisted charge transfer between localized electronic states. shown schematically, a carrier (in this case a hole) originally reside at red state; thermal fluctuations of geometry lead to the transition between the overlapping states.

Isomeric Separation of Endohedral Fullerene Compounds by Selective Chemical Oxidation

May 30, 2013

Fullerenes are carbon cages that are currently being used in solar cells because of their unique properties as electron acceptors.

High Altitude Research Platform

May 19, 2013

The 2012 Pre-Freshmen Bridge Summer Science Program students conducted an interdisciplinary high altitude balloon research project. The research project involved eight teams of students working on original research projects.Two teams worked on materials science research, two teams on sustainable energy materials, and one team each on platform design, robotics, video documentary and behavior. The goal, which was accomplished, was to launch this payload of different research projects to the edge of space and collect data.Three of the teams presented their data at the NSF Emerging Researchers National undergraduate student conference.

Tunable Band Gap in Gold Intercalated Graphene

May 19, 2013

Recent experimental work has demonstrated production of quasi free-standing graphene by gold intercalation. The intercalation weakens the coupling of adjacent graphene layers and yields Dirac fermion behavior of monolayer graphene.