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Partnerships for Research and Education in Materials


Participants: Shaik Jeelani (Lead, TU), Tanjula Petty (TU), Melissa Reeves (TU) Melissa Hines (CU), Nevjinder Singhota (CU), and Greta Petterson Zenner, (UWM)

On April 9th, 2011, a state-wide assortment of 22 middle school teachers and administrators participated in three distinct presentations as part of the Spring NanoBio Science Academy for teachers (NBSAT). NBSAT focused on the professional development of teachers with an emphasis of nano and biotechnology. In addition, the academy provided strategies proven effective with at-risk and diverse learners to increase minority participation in STEM. Academy participants were surveyed regarding their overarching impressions of the three presentations, their insights regarding the feasibility of incorporating presentation content and activities into their own classrooms, as well as how the presentations linked with existing middle school science curricula and standards. survey response-rates were quite high: 79% of respondents completed surveys for the “Light & Color” presentation; 85% for the “Liquid Crystal Sensors”; and 91% for the “Nano-Community” presentation.